These are the main four questions I'm asked.

  • What do I get out of being a member of Colin Pearce Academy?

    Bags of value. That's what you get.  1. All in one place. No more hunting and pecking around the Internet looking for sales ideas. I've brought enough together to keep you busy learning and mastering sales right here.
    2. See your selling life clearly, with the Blueprint. A mini course of videos and references to guide your professional development.
    3. Lift your profit with online courses.  Study at your own pace. You'll learn selling skills for decision-based sales, induction for new employees, making money from inbound phone leads, speed-reading people in a blink. Courses about character and culture are also included with an emphasis on personal responsibility—all with a the view to help you be successful at home AND work.
    4. Two Q&A members-only calls per month. Check your ideas and approaches, trouble shoot with me and other members, Compare your results and be encourages to be so good you'll get noticed.
    5. Community. The closed community for members only, gives you access to other members to share your wins, be open about challenges, and seek help.
    6. Members-only Facebook group. We communicate with each other and with other members in a safe and closed environment.

  • What's the idea behind the Academy?

    I want you to be happy and successful at work, making an above-average living and have lots of customers who enjoy doing business with you. I've always said learning has to be entertaining. It also has to be full of advice and skills to help the learner - you - to be skilled in the craft of selling. It has to be practical with do-able, say-able suggestions.

  • Arrangements: Fees, Details, Staying, Withdrawing

    It's simple.
    > No joining or set up fee.
    You get fourteen days trial before I charge your credit card.
    The Academy launches officially on October 15th 2020 but you can join now for AUD $57 per month for life. 
     I don't charge your card until the 15th day. After the launch date the fee will be AUD $77 per month. Subscribe now and save $240 per year on the early bird discount. Americans, Europeans and Britons will see what a 'deal' this is on the currency conversion. You will be getting access to material other companies have paid tens of thousands of dollars for, but you get it all for the price of a salad and coffee lunch once a week. (About $56 US, £44 UK and EU45 – even less on the early bird discount)
    > I will send you details of your membership, access, passwords etc ...when you join.
    > Stay as long as you like at the same monthly fee as when you started. (If you quit and want to start again it will be at the new current price)
    > Withdraw at any time but because you pay monthly in advance you can stay till the end of that month regardless.

  • Who is Colin Pearce?

    No fake claims. Truth is, I'm a collater. Everything I teach can be found somewhere in a library or on the Internet for free. What I have done here is collected and collated it for you in one place – all the stuff I have proved for myself that I've shared with thousands of people all over the world, including the US and Australia and New Zealand.
    Click the About links to study me in depth if you need to.