Since 1987 I've been helping the best people in the best organisations realise they are ten times better than they think.

Now in the Colin Pearce Academy the best small business owners and salespeople – those who will do what it takes to come through 2021 in profit – are getting the same help, to be successful at work and home.

This is what you get in your membership for (NORMALLY) $57 per month.

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You get profit-pumping, relationship-building motivation with;
Courses, Community and Coaching

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  • Courses

    $10,000 value

    These online courses have been purchased by national banks, national insurers, top 500 manufacturers and major retailers who paid tens of thousands of dollars. Now you get my personal touch and group coaching to help you master the ideas and build the profit and success you want. And all this for about the price of one salad & coffee lunch a week.
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  • Community

    $200 per month value

    How can you put a price on friendship and collegiality – especially when you are on the same path as others in the group? You will meet with, and relate to other members in the closed Facebook community and monitored discussion boards. It's been said that you join for the content and stay for the community.

  • Coaching Q&A webinar calls

    $500 per month value

    Twice a month you will be invited to a members-only ZOOM webinar where you can ask questions about any of the courses, test your understanding and try out some of the techniques. In these calls, I will invite volunteers to the 'hot seat' to get personal coaching in front of the group. This all makes sure you 'get' the ideas and can put them into play that same day to make profit and value.

Your courses are available as soon as you enrol

You will be entertained as you are educated, which should help you retain what you learn so you can be brilliant in front of customers. Everything in every course is based on the belief that you are ten times better than you think and that you can be so good they can't ignore you.
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